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“Here We Are, Lord!” by The Rev Stephanie Kendell

May 28th,2018 Categories: Stephanie Kendell Sermons, Sunday Sermon

“Here I am,” and, “send me,” are wonderfully brave phrases that take a lot of courage to stand up and say, but they aren’t useful, and you can’t say them, if you don’t know that there is a call and a need. However, most of my life has been spent doing more speaking than listening. Only when I learned to stop, and listen did I hear God’s call and with the courage to say, “here I am,” did my life’s work take on deeper meaning. Being able to listen, especially this week after Pentecost, is the crux of justice in our faith lives. God is reaching out to us. Asking us to love deeply no matter what the cost. Pulling us towards justice and peace in every corner of our life. But what practices do we have in our lives to make sure we are listening?