Upcoming Events

Thursday, February 6, Stewardship Meeting, 6:30 pm, Manse

Thursday, February 6, Gospel Choir Rehearsal, 7:15, Sanctuary

Saturday, February 8, Gathering for the Order of St. Luke, 3:00 pm, Parlor

Sunday, February 9, Ordination Requirements, 1:30 pm, First Floor Office

Wednesday, February 12, Conversation on Homelessness, 6:00 pm, First Floor Office

Wednesday, February 12, Stewardship Meeting, 6:30, Manse

Thursday, February 13, Gospel Choir Rehearsal, 7:15 pm, Sanctuary

Saturday, February 15, UCC Polity Course, 9:30 am, First Floor Office

Sunday, February 16, SoulFood Leadership Meeting, 12:30 pm, First Floor Office

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