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On Harvest Giving, by Lois Jenkins

March 8th,2014 Categories: Latest News

We are in the season of Lent, sometimes called “the tithe of the year.”  During Lent, we give to God in ways that we can feel.  Some of us give up chocolate. Some of us curb our T.V. habits. Others give up their excuses about the good works they know that God has called them for.

These things are all beautiful gifts to ourselves as well.   Giving up things that dull our sense of the glory of God’s creation is not something that only serves God. Giving in these ways completes a cycle of worship, celebrating the beautiful lives that God has made possible for us. What a gift to ourselves!

In this season, please give up the illusion that your money has no place in church.  Your Harvest Gift, your tithe, or offering, those gifts enable this church to serve you and more of Gods’ magnificent creation. Park Avenue Christian Church cannot operate without the gifts you give.

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