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A Stewardship Reflection by Connie Packard

February 20th,2014 Categories: Latest News

“I’ve often heard it said that gratitude is the shortest path to happiness.  Thinking about
harvest giving started me thinking about being grateful.  In the past, on those occasions
when I was counting my blessings, I stuck pretty much to the obvious ones of being
grateful for family, friends, shelter, food, recovery from bouts of illness, etc.  As we
discussed harvest giving more in Committee meetings and community meetings, I began
to find lots of different levels of gratitude —and the whole process started to permeate
my awareness.  The smallest things came to seem like blessings and I found myself
enjoying them in a way I never had before.  Being grateful for small daily wonders
provides an endless supply of  pleasure.

Once started, I guess it becomes something like a practice of gratitude — and I did notice
I felt happier.

In terms of stewardship, it made me more aware of God’s blessings and made it
seem right to tithe and I intend to do so.”

~ Connie Packard,
Co-Chair of the Ministry Council and Stewardship Team

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